Dominick DeCarlo is one of the world’s most talented multimedia stage hypnotists. Spending nine-months on a Latin American tour, his basic hypnosis show was rated “The Number One Show” in Latin America. Dominick then founded HYPNOVIDEOTM, a multimedia explosion of sights, sounds, photography, videos and special effects; a Cirque Du Soleil-style hypnosis show with extravagant production. Tim Murch of PRG produced a visual and audio special effects extravaganza which has never been created in the world of hypnosis.

“David Copperfield is to magic as Dominick DeCarlo is to hypnosis.”

Dominick performs one of the most entertaining stage hypnosis shows in the industry. The set is a living room. Inviting “guests” to enter his living room as well as a state of hypnosis, Dominick places lighthearted suggestions into their psyches creating hilarious situations and personalities. Dominick’s living room morphs and transforms into various scenes depending on Dominick’s suggestions. The show takes his “guests” (both the hypnotized people and the audience) on an incredibly unique and scenic journey.

Dominick’s high-energy, Las-Vegas-style show gives his guests the chance to become the “superstar” or HYPNOSTARTM of the show. The HYPNOSTARTM is chosen based on audience applause.

Dominick concludes the show by bringing guests back to the conscious state then interviewing them about their HYPNOVIDEOTM journey. Focusing on a “guest” who does not remember participating, Dominick performs the famous, HYPNORECALLTM.

In this scene, Dominick re-hypnotizes the “guest” who does not claim any participation and causes the “guest” to recite the entire show back to the audience usually verbatim and in scenic order! The result: A clever, sidesplitting show with rock-star production which consistently exceeds audience expectations.